Natalie Wetzig

Natalie Wetzig

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Story Portfolio

STORYBOARDS #1 ~ Oak Tree: Peach!  
After a freak storm strands Rip, three baby birds and several other animals out at sea, our lazy rabbit bucks up the courage to steel food from a not so charitable neighbor.

(Boards adapted from dead script)

STORYBOARDS #2 ~ Oak Tree: The Farm
Lazy Rip is too scared to change his ways, even to pursue the girl he likes.

(Boards adapted from dead script)

STORYBOARDS #3 ~ Rio 2: Lullaby
A trip to the Amazon pushes Blu's comfort zones, but for Jewel this trip changes everything.

STORYBOARDS #4~ Rio 2: Nico Has Hats
Pedro helps Nico search for a jungle worthy hat.

(Boarded from script pages. Added hat acting ideas and alts.)

STORYBOARDS #5 ~ Rio 2: Home
Blu just lost the big game; everything's gone wrong and he's had enough, time to go home. But for Jewel, this isn't just a vacation, it's much much more. In a struggle to find the middle ground their relationship reaches its boiling point.

 (Enhanced script pages)

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